Tuesday, December 1, 2015

OTN tour 2015 in Riga

Компания Accenture выступила партнером в первом русскоговорящем семинаре, организованной Latvian Oracle User Group. Семинар прошел в 3-х городах: Москва (Россия, 23 ноября), Душанбе (Таджикистан, 25 Ноября) и в заключении в Риге (Латвия, 27 Ноября).

OTN tour 2015 – это семинар с участием авторитетных международных спикеров, направленная на привлечение участников для обмена знаниями и опытом в области применения передовых технологий. Конференция прошла 27 ноября в конференц-зале ресторана Stargorod и стала первым из серии мероприятий такого рода.

В рамках OTN Tour 2015 выступили с презентациями эксперты международного уровня: Юрий Великанов, Oracle ACE Director (Google, США) и Алекс Горбачев, Oracle ACE Director (Pythian, Канада). Тематика их выступлений касалась анализа и повышения производительности баз данных Oracle, мониторинга и поиска проблем в базах данных Oracle, а также перспектив развития облачных технологий.

В ходе конференции, была организована дискуссионная сессия, в ходе которой эксперты рассказывали участникам конференции о некоторых случаях из своей жизни, о преодолении трудностей, тем самым мотивировали участников конференции к изучению Oracle и саморазвитию. У участников была возможность задать свои вопросы на интересующие темы международным экспертам и другим участникам мероприятия.

OTN tour 2015 повысил уровень знаний среди молодежи и специалистов различных отраслей. В конференции приняли участие более 60 представителей технической сферы: проектировщики и администраторы баз данных, системные администраторы, разработчики, руководители проектов, технические консультанты, специалисты служб технической поддержки, студенты. Кроме того, среди участников был доцент RTU Janis Eiduks, приглашённый нашим спонсором Accenture.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Conference for Software Developers RigaDevDay 2016

Conference for Software Developers
March 2-4, Kino Citadele | Come. See. Develop


 I would like to invite you to attend our annual software development conference - Riga Dev Day 2016, which will take place in Kino Citadele from 2nd to 4th of March 2016.

It will feature high-quality technical content on Java, Android, Web and Oracle technologies, SQL and NoSQL, microservices, DevOps and much more. All talks will be hands-on, without marketing. We already have quite a few well-known speakers coming to Riga this spring: Alex Nuijten, Juergen Hoeller - Spring Framework co-founder, Robert Nyman from Google, Nicolas Fränkel and many others. Be sure to check the event schedule for details.

Hurry up, as special Early Bird prices are only valid until November 30th.

Facebook |  Twitter | Google + | Linked In | Github | Speaker Deck

Friday, September 25, 2015


Preparation has started for Riga Dev Day 2016

Riga Dev Days 2016 – Riga is calling! We have started Call for Papers for our upcoming Software Development Conference with streams dedicated to SQL, NoSQL and Oracle technologies.
Location: Cinema Citadele in Riga.
Date: Conference March 2-3rd 2016, March 4th for Workshops.

Two day,  5 Streams, 500+ participants. Submit your paper today. Deadline 3th of November 2015 for submissions.

Last year, with cooperation with 3 Latvian User groups, we have started a tradition of hosting annual conference for Developers. It was a huge success, with over 400 attendees and 25 international speakers. We've got a big media coverage from two of the most popular TV channels and a number of blogs/communities. Also we've got a Google sponsorship.  video from last conference  

We are interested, but not limited in the following topics:
* Software development on Java Virtual Machine (anything running on the JVM, languages, tools, libraries and best practices)
* Oracle's developer tools (SQL Developer Data Modeler, appservers, databases, PL/SQL, Business Intelligence, APEX, ADF, SQL Developer, etc)
* Cloud, NoSQL and Big Data (cloud computing, Platforms as a Service, Big Data and NoSQL)
* Web and Mobile development (modern tools and frameworks for building mobile and web apps)
* Continuous Integration, DevOps and Test Automation
* Internet of Things and embeddable technologies you could play with
* Software Architecture, Design Principles and Security

Call for Paper Has started on www.rigadevday.lv 

This year conference will be in CITADEL FORUM Cinema in the center of the Riga . 
Hash in twitter:  #rigadevday

Will you able to be join us?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

EMEA Oracle User Group Leader Summit 2015

I was participated in EMEA oracle user group leader summit in Lisbon.

June 1-3, Lisbon, Portugal.

Demographics : 40 user groups represented by 47 leaders and board members taking care of 75,000 members in EMEA. Overal EMEA have usergroups 65 countries and 170 usergroup
Membership represents today 75000 members

I was participated in Panel discussion, which was in top 5 sessions. The panel was comprised of 3 Oracle User Group leaders representing Denmark (Sten Vesterli), Latvia (Andrejs Vorobjovs) and Armenia (Richard Bezjian) plus the Digital Champion for Portugal at the European Commission (and VC Angel) António Murta.

Here is more information about my participation


I have got a lot of new information and I will share it with the user group members by email
and during user group members meetup.

Some closing comments from the user group leaders:

•I believe this summit had the perfect balance between Oracle messages and user group content.Good to measure our UG against methods used by other UG's to see if we are aligned or working in a total different way.

•We should improve the user group community platform and make it work. I think it is the need of the hour. User groups should not be fragmented by using multiple systems. Cloud is our present

•Sharing between Java and Oracle User Groups should be increased again. 

After day 1 we had networking diner with Sten Vesterly, Ami Aharonovich, Heli Heleskyaho, Milena Gerova, Ralf Koelling, Christian Trieb, Andrii Radionov, Bert Breeman and many others leaders from 40 user groups from 27 countries. #eouc2015

On a second day we discussed that we need  "shared calendar for user group events"
Calendars for today:

to share speakers with:
meetup.com ?


Some interesting notes and open questions:

Bitcoins was hacked?
Security can make revenue to a business, example apple store
Sony had bridge with employees , and they got security bridge.

Avoid security integration trap by using a cloud?

Do you user UBER example https://www.uber.com/cities/tallinn
Business sees the only opportunities in Cloud, IT sees only the problems 
Cloud solutions are purchased by business, not IT.
@EOUC #EOUC15 what role does a user group have in motivating users to develop new skills relevant to Cloud?Professional development...
Sam Hall -> speaking about self education , people more and more search in web and in social networsk, blogs, videos, events, they dont want to go out. It is a research. 

Also about EOUC Ambassador Election 2015:
During the EOUC Summit 2015 in Lisbon the Oracle user group presidents decided that the EOUC ambassador program will be continued. In the future there should be two ambassadors with a two year term each; they have to be elected in alternating years. The detailed process breakdown and a description of the ambassador role can be found at the EOUC Community site. Once the nominee accepts his nomination he can upload a manifesto and a photo which can be viewed via the following public link

As a president of LVOUG I will continue to support EOUC Ambassador with funding. 

And at the end we received 4 sketch notes from Linda Van Der Pal from the JDuchess. This is a very interesting summary for this event! Check it out

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

RIGA DEV DAY 2015 #rigadevday

A large-scale conference for Baltic software developers Riga Dev Day 2015 will take place in January.

The largest conference for software developers in the Baltic States, Riga Dev Day 2015 will take place on 22 January, 2015 at the premises of Multikino, Mūkusalas iela 71, Riga. More than 25 internationally recognized speakers from the USA, European Union, Baltic States, Russia and other countries will give practical lectures on current topics within the IT field.

The leading motive of the conference is Come. See. Develop. and its target audience is IT professionals and software developers from all of the Baltic States.
The Riga Dev Day 2015 program is divided into five thematic and simultaneously running sessions that are dedicated to the fastest growing segments in the field as well as their future models. The themes of the conference will be topical for a broad spectrum of software developers ranging from IT system and data base developers/providers for finance institutions to mobile device and game software developers.

A team of international speakers will give lectures and examples on Java/JVM; Oracle data base development technologies; Web and mobile device software and embedded programming, its development trends and future projections. Some of the lectures in the conference will be dedicated to mobile device software and its potential for use with Google Glass, Google Watch and other devices as practical examples.

The Riga Dev Day 2015 team of speakers consists of Ted Neward (Neward&Associates, USA), Jan-Willem Eshuis (JWE New Media Solutions, The Netherlands), Mark Rittman (Rittman Mead, Great Britain), Oracle representatives Henrik Ståhl (Sweden), David Delabassee (Belgium), Gerrit Grunwald (Germany), Simon Ritter (Great Britain) and Dmitry Chuyko (Russia), Andrei Pangin (Odnoklassniki.ru, Russia) and Oleg Anastasyev (Odnoklassniki.ru, Latvia), Shai Almong (Codename One, Israel), Anatolijs Ropotovs (Game Insight, Latvia) and others.

To familiarize yourself with the full version of the Riga Dev Day 2015 program and get acquainted with the team of speakers, visit: http://www.rigadevday.lv.

Riga Dev Day 2015 continues in the best traditions initiated by Java Day Riga, Agile Riga Day, Harmony and the Wildcard Conf some years ago, and this is planned to be a unique event within the IT field. Unlike other similar conferences, Riga Dev Day 2015 is organized by the field professionals themselves: three of the most active user groups in Latvia Google Developer Group Riga, Java User Group Latvia and Oracle User Group Latvia organize this event for their colleagues.

Register for the conference at: http://bit.do/RigaDevDay.

The general sponsor of Riga Dev Day 2015 is Odnoklassniki.ru; other sponsors of the conference are: Google, C.T.Co, 4Finance, Idea Port Riga, Ruby Light, Accenture Latvia, Neueda and others. The conference is supported by OReilly, Oracle Press, GitHub, Tech Hub Riga, Riga COMM 2014, Startuphunt.lv, Enjoy Recruitment and other partners.

Information provided by:
Andrejs Vorobjovs
Representative of Riga Dev Day 2015 organizers